Sunday, November 7, 2010

Brand Recognition and Affiliation

When I was back home in Denton, I saw a billboard in our town that was an advertisement for Bud Light. The unique thing about this billboard was that all of it was in Spanish aside from the logo itself. I don't have an exact picture, but here's something like what I'm talking about:

I thought it was a powerful ad in that it catches the eyes of the majority of the town because of the difference in language, but also influences those that speak the language because they aren't used to seeing an advertisement in their native language in Denton.
While this advertisement has several appeals such as attention, the most direct appeal is affiliation. A need for affiliation often includes grouping yourself with a certain crowd or culture. The Spanish Bud Light billboard exemplifies affiliation by making it seem like that advertisement was meant for the Hispanic group. People feel like the company is making its product with their group as its focus.

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