Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Breakfast Club LS MS CU

In The Breakfast Club, the first scene shows a long shot of the high school where the movie takes place. It is a still shot, with narration dubbed over by one of the main characters in the film who is explaining the time and location of the event. This long shot was created in order to explain the setting and orientation of what is going on, as well as to show how it is the weekend and the school is abandoned and quiet.

The next set of shots are medium shots, and show some information about the situation. Several still scenes of the empty, boring, and plain looking high school inform the viewer of the dry situation the students find themselves in. Narration continues, further explaining they're situation and punishment.

Finally, close-up shots are shown of several of the characters. Their emotions are clear, all feeling ashamed, sad, and perhaps a little angry as well. Everyone is clearly frowning and upset with their current problem; detention.

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