Sunday, August 29, 2010

My first RTF post

Hey I'm Jacob and I am taking RTF 305 because:
  • I enjoy television
  • I enjoy film
  • I suppose I enjoy radio...
  • It was what my FIG was taking
I like hearing and discussing topics about different media and how it is always changing. I am majoring in Advertising and RTF ties into advertising in so many ways. Thanks to radio, television, and in the past ten years the internet, advertising has become more present and powerful than ever before. I hope to learn how media affects our lives and through this knowledge better understand how to use advertising in it's greatest potential. Here is an example of how media interacts with each other over different mediums.


From the original Doublemint Gum commercial, Chris Brown released his single, Forever.

From this single, a newly wed couple created this video.

From this wedding video, the writers of The Office were inspired to create their own version using characters from the show.

Chain reaction baby. Mind freak!

Anyways here is a blog I like;


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